Passionate Advocate for Vintage & Antiques


From a young age, Anna was raised on a steady diet of flea markets and junk stores in Atlanta GA. All her babysitting money was spent at the Lakewood Flea Market on art deco, old movie posters and vintage clothes. It was a trend that continued throughout her life, as she moved from small apartments, to finding her forever home on Capitol Hill DC with her husband and three daughters. Whether paying rent or the mortgage, Anna always begins a room with what she finds locally on the second hand market. Long stays in both France and West Africa, reinforced her motto of "older is better". 

Currently, Anna sells pieces she has found in the vintage wild on her website and Instagram. She also manages the family's short term rental MaisonDC, where Anna used her eye and second hand sources to create a one of a kind space on Capitol Hill DC.
Let's redefine design by choosing beautiful vintage pieces that add to your story.